26th Films from the South

Films from the South started out in 1991 as a small film club at the Blindern campus in Oslo. Now in 2016 it has developed into a major film festival, in fact it is the biggest film festival in Oslo. This year the festival´s geographical focus was on North-Korea and Iran. As these two countries are being cornered into a kind of opposition to the western world, the films on their part give insight and nuances to the understanding of these countries.

However, as usual the geographical range and topics covered this year was great. From refugees and dictatorships, to gender conflicts against a secular backdrop to people dwelling in the wilderness with echoes of regional civilization intruding upon them.

Having a film festival in Norway that provides this diversity cannot be underestimated. The festival provides a gateway to other life worlds that foster engagement and interest. Surely, in a globalized world a lack of interest and provincialism is a major set-back. In this issue Ragtime´s reviewer has extensively covered a selection of highlights that show the diversity and high quality of the films delivered by the festival this year.

- Jørgen Flatabø