Elephant Dream

To be analyzed-what does it mean?
The dream vision awoke her with a start
Accompanied by an explosion
A paynes grey coloured elephant-elegant
Large-strong-true-in precision

Towering against the Horizon
No embelishment
No adornment
Standing on her r6of top deck
Lumber askew
Which appeared as a shipwreck
Trunk up curled-tail swirled

To a halt

One wild eye
Looking stunned-surprised-surmised
He had broken through
The lattice boards barrier
A message carrier
It gave her her much amusement
That on her roof top deck was an elephant
All the mythology
Of an extraordinary memory
Unsurpassed in history
What could it mean?

Has she never forget-over weighted memory
Which will last for eternity?
Will you analyze this for me?

- Barbara Elizabeth Mercer