If I seated in the doorway of the night
had been witnessing memory's passing show
deeming me as lone tramp in land of thought
moon must have come down to accompany me.

Shiny bracelet of your winsome grace
would have glimmered in mine thought and breath and, like refreshing moon of late night
you would sit by me with your face aglow.

If , like pollen drenched in dewdrops I dreamt
in the flower bed, in the moonlit night
holding crowns of tulips and jasmine
moonlight and the breeze would have pranced to me.
My heart would have perched on your roof as a cloud
spell of your golden curls would have spread
and time, like fatigued rovers, would have stopped to look at.

- Jamshed Mashmoor

(Translated from Urdu by Prof. Rajinder Singh Verma, Delhi)