Asmara Sunset

Gently, moving Boganvillas
Through clean, and cobbled streets,
The wind brings all perfumes of coffee
Encountering laughter that greets

You in the declining sun
Warm and slowly jubilant,
cycling up the strada.

Reaching St. Mariam´s Cathedral where
smiling nuns hand out
to good children,
before the evening cinema show.

On Harnet avenue
Busy cafés reflect,
sunlight settings
passing crowds,
talkers in colorful clothes.

Drinkers of coffee, aromatic
against dusky backgrounds
of Habesha music.
Lover eyes
and friendly spies.

Older taxis in line, behind
Italian buildings, going
round and round,
the town square.

The road to Massawa
almost deserted,
but for some donkeys and

their herdsman walking
out towards the Sea.

- Poem by Azmera