& Co at Kunstnerforbundet

& Co is the name of the trans-nordic artist duo Aleksi Wildhagen and Patrik Entian. Recently they showed new paintings at Kunstnerforbundet gallery in Oslo. Wildhagen has both Finnish and Norwegian ancestry while Entian is from Sweden.

They may therefore be perceived as a typically Nordic duo.

The duo have had several exhibitions in different parts of Norway over the last few years it has existed. They seem to like to work in desolate and detached places, like the farm compund in Hvittingfoss they had for a base for a long time. However, their paintings are full of presence and creative vigor.

At their exhibitions it is often unclear who of the two made which paintings.

The paintings are quite similar in style and execution, and lacking signatures, they give rise to a notion of communion and art for art´s sake.

Both use the same kind of palette, yet this pallette changes with every show it seems.

The themes are often set in nature, given an abstract treatments. In their last exhibition the motifs were colder and more wintry. This time it is dark brown and warm, earthy colours that is in focus.

Many of the canvassases are also bigger in size than previously shown. This works very well with the motifs shown.

One guesses a longing for spring in many of these, as well as a depction of travel, the renaissance of life and energetic bloom.
The canvases are made of a rough material, adding to a feeling of getting out there and giving vent to mating season yearnings. It is exciting to see how versatile this artist duo can be.

- Feven Melake