Ghoutam Ghosh and his flattened space

Ghoutam Ghosh is a young Indian artist (born 1979). He is based at the Santinikitan art institute in West-Bengal, India. Recently he showed a series of textile canvases at Gallery Standard in Oslo. The title was "MORPH, BLEND AND FLATTEN (SPACE) OF BIRD, REPTILES AND FLOWER."

The works are simple yet forceful. They are accompanied by texts uttering philosophical reflections on concepts such as personality, desire, space, as well as birds and reptiles. The former are shown in simple cut outs on the canvases, and seem to point to something orginal and basic to life and the planet. As one text goes "dimension is not about the total sum of space of a plain. Dimension is abour motivation."

Another place the text weaves a drama out of personality versus shadow: " when personality reflects on the ground/when personality falls part-apart on the floor/when shadow gets bigger than the person/when height finds itself on the plain. "

The totality of this experience is very rewarding. The philosophical, yet somewhat erratic texts, are balanced finely be the serene canvases. Yet these seem to echo the texts in a peculiar way.

Ghosh is an interesting new artist, to be followed in the years to come for sure. In June he will be participating in Art Basel in Germany.

- Feven Melake