The stylistic realist

Green thick jungle of desires
Where heavy tree trunks are thrusted deep
Sucking the bloody green out.
Sky above may be a sheet of pale blue
Wrought with dripping red of the two collided fighter planes
In midair
All traffic in human flesh forbidden
A dawn to dusk mourning declared
And mounted boots parade inside
The grooves of spinal cord.
This is how M.F. Hussain expresses his feelings about the works of Naren Panchal. The reaction of an artist to an artwork assumes significance as the artist goes beyond the line, colours and depths, drawing close towards understanding the artist as he is reflected in his work.

Through his work, an artist operates on more than one intersection giving depth and dimension to his personality. And this intersection lies deep in the recesses of imagination and visualization.

In our living day, each and every subtlety of gesture has an equally subtle counterpart in intent and emotion. Panchal's works are the affirmative of this expression. This vein of perceptibility is what unifies the various themes Panchal has elaborated on in the various phases of his artistic development.

Naren Panchal's artistic career started nearly three decades ago. His work is founded on the ability to draw well, the ability to jot down the correct answer through the process of thought which sharpens the eye and governs the hand. He developed an individualistic style that springs from his artistic aims. He first started working on a medium which has its roots entrenched in the traditional profession of the community Panchal comes from the Sutars, the carvers, and artisans.

He worked on an aluminium sheet which had wooden base and on this sheet he etched and embossed his compositions. The resultant look was that of culture in semirelief, slightly raised images creating gentle, modulating movements; rising and falling to indicate and formalize an image. Panchal was the first and the foremost in India to extol the values of metal relief. This medium lay open a field of vast potentials in terms of textural harmonies and formal structure.

Available also to him were the traditional folk motifs and their sense of design; an art rich in content. The
eventual work of art was slow emergence of forms bearing the essence of the soil, flavored with lines and movements evocative of the cultures and carvings of the temples of the South.

Panchal's works reveal the quality of thoughtfulness. He would be wrongly described as a cerebral artist, but he is a deeply thoughtful one.

His artistic stimulation is derived from experiences which have their basis in the everyday life of people and their attitudes towards it. Panchal's artistic interpretations show an ever increasing graphic dexterity, variety and versatility.

-Naren Panchal