Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is for many a controversial artist, He has a permanent exhibition on the Astrup Fearnley museum in Oslo. There are his provoking split cows, among other objects,

Hirst fascinates both the audience and the art lovers. The collection of his works are widely displayed. Above all the Museum is showing for the first time Hirst`s iconic piece, the head skull adorned with diamonds. Hirst named it "For the Love of God"-

It is interesting to note that some work of Art are so famous that they become icons in their own right. Hirst`s diamod studded head skull is one of them.It is more fascinating to see it than to read about it. This famous work was shown previously in Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (2008) and Tate Gallery in London(2012).

It was a Bond street jeweller, Bentley and Skinner, who performed the technical work of setting the diamonds on the skull. Bentley and Skinner is queen Elisabeths,jeweller of the royal court. On the center of its forehead is set a pear.shaped diamond, which Hirst calls "mind Stone".

Science, religion and art are the central features in Hirst`s work. In his work "For the Love of God"combines elements of classical symbols, with inspiration derived from the mexican tradition of celebrating the death.He was inspired to adorn the skull with precious jewels. This was common in the aztek, Tezcalicpoca masks. He had seen the mask at the British Museum. Using precious jewels to adorn the skull,changes the solemn character of death.
Hirst calls it "A celebration of life."

- Dipok Sarma

For love of God