Singing Vision

Philo Ikony

Power packed,

energy and determination ring,

in a singing vision


Songs injustice cannot break,

fight, or stop

They hunt you for

Singing justice on the street,

but when you go in, prison cells are singing

Soprano,alto,tenor and base,

drumming power


clear and focused

has power thrice ovrt

Our voices are our drums now,

injustice recalls in fear

Its feet dance no more

Take our lives,

we are increasing

We live in our history

the past is always here

We addour own words

Uhuru wetu!

We sing and we dance,

call Jos in Nigeria

The Oregon, Ken Saro-Wiva

our freedom is theirs

We stand for evert pain also in Somalia

And we are not tossing coinsabout Mauritiania,

We remember slave masters from the east before the west

We try to be just.

Song sang South Africa to liberty

long bleeding shadows touching

the equator ton help our fourth liberation?

evening and morning and midday,

in and below the Kalahari

The struggle is long,

Sahara, we all are.

Let justice and truth flower, flower.

We know to be free

We know who we are

We sing our vision

Dont look for our echo in the World banklatest hits.

Internasjonal Moneytry Fund, IMF,

Or other organizations dont sing tunes

They are here for cool banking services.

Our sunrise is,

us breaking trade barriers

From lights shining on misty daybreaks,

On our mothers,sons and daughters selling

Maize and beans so fast,

with their own hands,

in the internasjonal market

Yes we can,

we can with

our sweet potato feet

Yam head and twin intelligence

own study and prophecy,

Philosophy made in Africa




even when riot police charge at us,

we sing

and a herd of buffaloes we overcome.