Two Eminent Indian Poets

Nilmoni Phookon -A modern and contemporary poet and an art critic writing in Assamese is awarded several awards including the most prestigious Sahitya Akademy award.

Nirmalprobha Bordoloi- A modern woaman poet writing in Assanese is also awarded the prestigious Sahitya Akademy prize in addition to other awards.


Nilmoni Phookon

Entered through the window
a whrling laughter
and falling on the sleeping infant face
it changed into a butterfly.

A terrifyng noise
followed by a deep silence
And then another frightening sound

the butterfly had entered
the bossom of the rock

The laughter
like the echoing hours
like the Waves in the sea
reverbrated in the nothingness.

How did I live the night
Wading through my bloody eyes
How did I open the door and came out

changing the whimperings in my heart

Again another awful noise

The house is burning
whose house
whose house.

(Translated by Baishali Baruah )

Nirmalprobha Bordoloi

As the smell of the autumn field
Somwhow reaches my nose
I get my father back.

In the aroma
Of an unfolded gamosa of a shop
I get my mother back.

Where shall I leave myself
for my children?
oh where?

(Translated by Niren Thakuria )