A bust of bloom: Art of Ambadas

My Perception :

Art to me is a happening and performance, an instant plunging, flirting and merging, with life, with its being and becoming it.

All that is there on the canvas, is but a change in celebration. Things, objects are only focal points of here and now, in a whole that streches infinitely, the feeling of unlimited envelopes, something mystical in a sense.

Like a dancer, who performs, not for herself but for the spectator and the dance. I paint, repaint and paint all over again, in order to be one with it-to be that, I paint the same way often. Like coming to a woman one loves, and is obsessed about. Is it the body and the sex alone that one comes to, and that my passions and act is about? Is not the person whole, and real, I am trying to be with?...I paint at a go, for hours and non-stop, reaching all over the surface. Nothing is empty, every bit of space breathes, I work with a restless speed, not to let my consciousness and routine self interfere. Let the act speak.

The word image, is very central for Indian mystical thought . It transcends the very image it is supposed to represent. The animals, trees, rivers, mountains, the entire objective world and earth itself are but images inhabiting a certain spirit: not seen as that particular object and are thus due to our veneration and celebration.

The objects are because of the "karma"mystic: they are what they are in this life but are intranscience. I grew up in this atmosphere in India. Almost from the beginning as when I was a student of art in Bombay, in 1952 (where I passed my Diploma in Art studies) and later as a painter, moving innately and rising towards its
optimal expression. This phenomenon issuing a bust of bloom, which comprises the infinite order of the cosmic whole, was an inspiration to me.

It motivated my experiences and understanding of art. It touches us at all times and deepens entirely, and yet is beyond our deliberation and conscious knowledge. Our
conciousness is merely of the superficial appearance, is a framework of our reflexes which is without substance.

Most art, whether classical, academic or traditional-oriental, mythologized art-remains bound up to a dualistic notion, reducing it to a myth of subject and object. The real escapes us for it is seen as a flux, lacking in order. Further we suppose that experience has the same defined finite limit and structure as things
around us, with which we are concerned.

The art and the artist undergo a unique soul-searching cultural experience. More and more abstraction becomes a dominant trend everywhere all over the world. It was a torturous and slow process and for many, who later to be world celebreties, it was a thankless job.

Pierre Mondrian accused Cubism of not having persued Abstractionn to its logical end. For the abstract expressionists later, art was just an event and the canvas an arena in which to act. It is not a picture of a thing it is the thing itsel, revelation contains in the act.

Art detached and freed from all intentions and reflexes, is a manifestation of the creative will, seen from within as archetype and from without as abstraction but nonetheless, the same in spirit"....-

"It is not I, who live, it lives me".

"At the still point of the turning world;
Neither flesh or fleshless
Neither from nor towards;
At the still point, there the dance is....."

(T. S Eliot)

Text by the artist Amdadas