The Trump administration´s decision to revoke the Iran-US Nuclear deal is hazardous. The US are also imposing tighter sanctions. This can only affect the everyday life of ordinary Iranians in a negative way, and is not conducive to a resolution of the nuclear problematic. Iranians in Norway also oppose these measures, event though they may often be critical of the current regime.

The last month we have seen oiltankers being seized by Iranian forces, with ships from Iran also being taken into custody as the one outside Gibraltar. The rare accucastions, denials and counter-accusations. This development recently climaxed when the US sent in an unmanned drone that according to Iranian officials was shot down over their domestic territory. Trump commented furiously that he would have attacked had the drone been manned. At the same time it became clear that Trump evidently ordered an airforce attack, but that this was cancelled even as the fighter jets were in midair with course for targets on Iranian soil.

The Middle East has long beeen a region of instability, but these events are precariously making the world more unsafe for everyone. They gravely escalate the possibilites for a full scale war. It is evident many parties actually would like such a war. There are Israel and Saudi Arabia who obviously would like to see their long time rival weakened. And there are war hawks surrounding Mr. Trump, like his Security advisor John Bolton. On the other hand there are elements in Iran itself that are gambling on the benefits of confrontation. For instance in the so called Revolutinary Guard.

There are those who have claimed that Donald Trump should get the Nobel peace prize for his efforts with North Korea. For instance as the resigned UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson alleged a couple of years ago. The fallacy of this should be evident when seeing Mr. Trump´s destabilising role in the Middle East and in the world at large.

The Norwegian government has received requests to join protection forces for oil tankers led by the US. Instead of joining such efforts blindly, it would be more helpful if the government could work to end the sanctions that disrupt the economies of thousands of housholds in Iran. And also to work for a consolidated nuclear deal with Iran. Mr. Trump has man times before uttered praise for Norway, seemingly a favourite country in his bizarre world. Perhaps Norway has an unticked potential here for a diplomatic tour de force.

- Sheila Parrera